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11 Aug 2010, 11:06 am

Were there ever any unexplained stories taking place in your life? :D I still remember this one doll I had as a child. It had belonged to my older cousin previously; it was big, nude and had dark hair and yellow rubber bands on its hands. It was sitting on the top of the wardrobe in my room, like all the big dolls and teddies I owned and one day, out of a sudden, it vanished into the thin air! 8O It was a big doll so it couldn't fall behind the wardrobe, even assuming it would be compressed so much to fit in the cleft between the back of the wardrobe and the wall. Anyway, 7 years ago my room was renovated and the wardrobe was moved and though there were some things found my me behind it , there was obviously no doll in there :x I also remember once as a child I lost some small rubber toy (it was a dog, I think) in the following way: I was playing with it and some other toys and later when I came to this place (after I came back from dinner) the toy was gone and there was NO ONE who could take it 8O Did you ever have such "paranormal experiences" in your life? :P


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11 Aug 2010, 11:32 am

One time, I was talking to my mother. My grandmother was behind me, and for a split-second, the two traded places.

Yes, I'm still alive.