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14 Aug 2010, 9:41 am

Janissy wrote:
AardvarkGoodSwimmer wrote:
I'm thinking this is either UK or Australia. And importantly, for the political debates we have recently had in the United States:

That's for sure. This could have been caught easily with a Pap smear done by a gynecologist. Like so many American women, I had a gynecologist the minute I hit adulthood.

He is just beyond incompetent. And she should have been seeing a gynecologist routinely anyway. Or at the very least he should have done a Pap smear every single year regardless of symptoms or not. It's standard procedure for American women. It should be standard procedure for women everywhere.

In the UK a smear is done every 5 years, usually by a nurse at the GP's practise.


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15 Aug 2010, 1:32 pm

she may have been a target of group stalking...ppl who are targeted are denied medical care even though the doctor knows what is wrong. Whats worse is group stalking is international and not well known unless one is being stalked. They get doctors to "play along" by threatening them or their practice. As far as her not seeking another opinion, she may have had no other choice as her insurance company would not allow her to see anyone else without his referal. I have a friend that had such a problem.

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