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16 Aug 2010, 11:19 am

Should disclaimer signs be placed above Temple/Church/Mosque doors with disclaimers like:

When entering this holy place, please leave your reason here and enter with your imagination only.

Caution: Stories told within these holy walls are really fairytales (fiction), not real (fact).

Please note: the regulations preached in this Temple/Church/Mosque do not match how the USA Supreme Court views the exact same topics.

Heaven is an imaginary place only (not a real place); heck is an imaginary place only (not a real place) - actually, we don't know for sure but that is our best guesstimate at the moment.

Customers who enter this holy place are advised to read both pro-evangelist Jack T. Chick tracts and anti-evangelist Jack T. Chick tracts first.

Caution: You will be subjected to non-profit, tax-exempt, heavy-duty brainwashing when listening to the sermons/talks in this holy place. Please keep a firm grip on your wallet.

This Temple/Church discriminates on the basis of your political party. Saved right-wing Republicans are preferred to liberal, left-wing, godless Democrats who are classified as non-believers on the road to heck.

This Temple/Church/Mosque is non-profit and tax-exempt. Our God is better than your God.
That's just the way it is. No questions allowed - convert or die (so to speak).

This is not an alcohol-free zone. We strongly believe in alcohol - wine containing alcohol for all during the non-profit, tax-exempt religious service. We do not serve grapejuice or milk.

Disclaimer: We believe we are infallible and never, ever make mistakes. No discussion is allowed as we are running a ruthless religious dictatorship which tolerates no dissent. We also believe you are all fallible and fall seven times a day or more. If you don't like it, you'll end up on our heretic list to be dispatched, without mercy, by 5 am tomorrow morning. ... s_heretics

and so on


Your ideas for the wordings of additional written disclaimers placed about the doors to Temples, Churches, and Mosques to promote the idea of an informed congregation (vs an ignorant, blind faith congregation)?



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17 Aug 2010, 11:38 pm

but that would be truth-in-advertising, and we simply can't have any of THAT. not here in ammuurrica. :roll: