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Emu Egg
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11 Mar 2020, 2:11 am

League_Girl wrote:
I never go to any casinos. I am not into gambling and risk losing money. I have done it maybe three times as an adult and then I be done. And I hate smoking so I never want to be in them. I had to deal with the smell in Las Vegas. I knew of a town in South Dakota that was all gambling. About every building had it and they were smokey.

But I have gambled in Sonic 2 on Casino Night Zone and I once took all the rings from one of the slots because it wouldn't give me anymore. I have even died after running out of time because I spend my time gambling for rings.

I tend to the same phylosophy, soccer betting sites [url=https:///]https:///[/url] are the only exception as I am keen on soccer, especially European football league. Other gambling activities and especially casinos I can't acknowledge, these are a pure risk.

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11 Mar 2020, 2:39 am

I only went once, but since nobody else seemed excited, I stayed calm. I didn't get involved or stay long. For me, a street festival can be worse.

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11 Mar 2020, 5:49 am

Since when did gambling and casinos become a General Autism topic?

PS: Nearly all the casino threads on WP have been infested with and promoted by spammers.