What are you doing for Halloween?

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01 Nov 2010, 10:03 am

Not only was it me dressed up as the general, but my friend came as the admiral, my girlfriend was dressed up like one of his kids, and a former coworker of mine was his wife. Another friend played John Langdon.


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01 Nov 2010, 10:13 am

Aaaargh! Translating Virgil. 8O

We don't celebrate Halloween. :D (There's a similar festivity in February, but luckily I can exclude myself entirely from it. )


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01 Nov 2010, 2:05 pm

richardbenson wrote:
my plans are canceld. oh well, :D

my familys dumb anyways

Don't feel bad Richard, I didn't do anything either and I'm a Druidess (NeoPagan). There's always next year.

If I'm back in Arizona, we should find other Arizona Aspies and all go have an adventure of sorts next Halloween/Samhain.

My adult children like to spend Halloween with me, that would be great if they could be there too. They're probably your age. Maybe we could sneak into a ghost town or two.

I heard that the Copper Queen in Bisbee is haunted but I haven't seen any ghosts there myself. Maybe they're trying to drum up some business with a spooky story, I don't know.

There is that one really old place in Tombstone, I can't remember the name, it was a strange name. I heard that some ghost hunters actually found evidence of it being haunted, but I don't know if that's true either. It is rather weird in there. It's far more authentic than other places there. It's like a very small stage and area of tables, kinda like a dinner theater, a very small dinner theater.

We'll all have fun searching for haunted places whether we find them or not. We could camp out as well. :sunny:

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