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25 Oct 2010, 12:04 pm

I met a woman at my job, I see her around 2 time every weeks, not more than 2 minutes each time.

We didn't talk too much yet, the first time I saw her I almost felt in love and I'm still having this feeling for her.

I'm probably not her kind of men but she's smart with me and looks comprehensive.

I'm thinking about invite her, quickly before that we know each other more, so I'll get more chance that she'll say yes.

Is it a good idea ?


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25 Oct 2010, 12:23 pm

Getting to know a person better van have its advantages or its disadvntages.

As for advantages:
-Most women usually try to befriend a male before going out on a date with them.
-If you havent made a great first impression you can still change her opnnion about you(its not easy but its possible).
-You are likelier to know what she likes and therefore can invit her to a more specifical place rather than just getting a coffee(some women like going to other places, other women claim that a coffee shop is the best place ever for dating since you can sit close to someone else without invading their personal space)and its hard to define which kind of women you are talking to in a 2 min talk.
You might end up being friendzoned or you might end up finding out she has a boyfriend.

As almost every aspect on the dating field its about having to take chances without being sure what to do and then facing possible consecuences as good as you can.

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