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28 Oct 2010, 4:16 pm

The one that happened in Ronan, Montana in 2002. I think it was in March when it happened. We got a really bad snow storm at night so the snow plows were unable to keep up so the school was closed because the snow was so deep, people were getting their cars stuck in the snow. One of the staff from my school who plays the piano for my choir teacher got stuck in the snow with her son and they both stayed at our house and my uncle worked all day plowing people's cars out of the snow.

The schools were closed for two days and on Friday they were open. So we had a short week of school that week so we basically had one day of school and then two days off again because of the weekend.

This was the best snowstorm ever because there are no snow days in Montana because everything stays open and kids go to school when there is lot of snow unless it was a blizzard or a storm. But here where I live, places close over a few inches of snow so when you have an appointment and you see snow on the ground, must call the place to make sure they are still open because this is not Montana. Portland just doesn't deal with snow because it doesn't happen very often so why waste the money for snow plows?

Then the second one ever was when we got maybe 12 inches of snow and it was about a foot and this happened in December 2008 and the snow lasted two weeks. It was a fortunate I wasn't working then and my hours were cut way back due to the economy. People were getting their cars stuck in the snow so they were shoveling them out and I took several videos of my neighbors having their cars stuck in them. The buses had chains on the and so did other cars and it took the buses hours to get to places and instead of it going by how many minutes the bus be there, it went by how many miles. My husband was always late for work because the switch in the tracks kept freezing and it take him five hours to get to work even though he'd leave early. I just stayed home and enjoyed the snow and hearing on the news about people panicking over a few inches when we got new snow. I also played out in it and it was the most snow I had ever seen in Portland and one man up in Vancouver said the whole thing was mild and not bad because where he came from, they got a lot more snow vs the snow we had now so to him it was nothing and our whole area was struggling in it. This sort of snow we got is very rare and the last time we had snow like that was 1980 and before that was 1967 so about every other decade we will get that good of snow.

These two were the best snow ever we got.


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29 Oct 2010, 12:47 am

richardbenson wrote:
last winter, we got like over 145 inches of snow! I love Flagstaff! :king: :rendeer:

i think i'd like it better in the spring.

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31 Oct 2010, 7:04 pm

I remember missing a month of school because of the blizzard of 1977 that struck the midwest of the USA. I built snow caves in the backyard---that was a lot of fun. The following year we had another blizzard and we missed some school.

Then we had a famous ice storm in February of 2003 here in Ohio. This was special for me because it is when I officially started my novel that I am still working on. Ice covered everything that night and trees began breaking (scary). Then, our power went out later and my wife and kids left for her mother and father's house where the electric stayed on. I was alone in our house with no power for several days. As things got worse, there was no traffic. It was so quiet except for the breaking of trees nearby. At night when it got dark, I lit the kerosene lantern and savored the alone time. I began working on my novel. I had so much time with nothing to do---but write and think. I kept the house reasonably warm with a kerosene heater (with the window raised slightly for safety with the kerosene heat). I slept downstairs in the living room with a large pile of blankets. Wow, was it cozy. But, I missed my family. Things got interesting when the local radio station's tower broke and my battery powered radio failed to pick up any station. There was no power, no phones (phone lines went down), no radio, no traffic, just solitude. I didn't get too bored. But when the power came back on, I was happy.

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