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02 Nov 2010, 5:14 pm

My name is Jessica Udd, my Best friend Emily and I are finalists with hopes to be chosen to be on a new reality show Focus: Rally America. The show is created by the producers of the Amazing Race, with kind of the same premise. The difference is that they will be real time challenges and social networking will play a HUGE part! The winner of the competition will receive 10 2012 Ford Focus' to give out to the top 10 people who helped them out the most in this competition!

Earlier this year my son was diagnosed with Autism. I really want to use this opportunity to raise awareness for Autism! There are so many aspects about Autism that affect families! If we won the competition hopefully the money would help relieve some medical debt we have incurred from our son, as well as being able to provide him more therapies!

On my blog on the top left corner is a you tube video that you can click on and will explain everything!

If you have Twitter and could tweet this, I would be so appreciative!

PLEASE RT! ATTN @FordFocus & @FordFocusRally @ImnotURavgmom & @EmilyYingling raise awareness for autism! #FocusRallyAmerica

Thank you so much for your time!!

*~*Jessica Udd*~*
imnotyoureverydayaveragemom dot blogspot dot com