Age of self-awareness.

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19 Oct 2013, 5:56 am

I realized I was different from others in first grade, but got hints in kindergarten when I didn't understand others much. But it took many years to find out the reason...

I never heard of Asperger Syndrome until I was maybe 37 or 38 a year or so ago.
I never had a clue I might have Asperger Syndrome or Autism until a few months after that.
I have been in the land of confusion for about 39 years.


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25 Dec 2013, 9:27 am

Feeling different - At 4
Feeling it would be a problem - At 9
Starting acting - At 16
Being accepted - At 18
Being accepted for who I really am -


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01 Jan 2014, 10:13 pm

After hearing Kurt Cobain once describing feeling like he was dropped off here from another world I can honestly say I felt similar feelings as young as 3. I didn't think it would be a problem for me until probably 11 or 12 when the reality of more complex, nuanced relationships started becoming apparent. I didn't handle that period well but also for a bunch of other non ASD reasons.

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02 Jan 2014, 3:33 am

I was always saying very intelligent things about the sermons in church when I was first able to speak (maybe 2?).
When my mom tried to show me off to other people, I would go into shock and become a babbling snotty mess.
My only solace during the many years before school age was when I watched Mr Data learning life lessons on Star Trek TNG, and when I listened to Spock's analyses of human behavior. Those two characters were my only knowledge of intelligent life until I was allowed to talk to adults about scientific subjects. I always wondered how the Vulcans could let a bunch of 'humans' run a star ship.

I've never really been interested in entertainment of any kind, not even the mainstream factual form of entertainment. I am only interested in creating innovation and progress, solving real world problems, the bigger the scale, the better. Also the study of such innovations throughout history, although I have weak eyes and am unable to read much without getting headaches.


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21 May 2014, 6:36 pm

I would say I became aware of my being different when I was around 3 years old. I didn't have to wait until I got to school and was around other kids because I saw how different I was from the people (family) I was already around. I can clearly remember standing in the middle of the living room floor and giving a soliliquy about "this one's like this, but I'm not like that", and "that one's like that, but I'm not like that"----"who am I like"? I was very smart though I was categorized as stupid-----in retrospect, I wasn't being challenged.

My mother wanted to hold me back in school because I started first grade when I was 5 (they didn't have kindergarten when I started school and my birthday is late in the year.); (I probably should've been advanced), but the Vice Principal wouldn't let her. She tested me and I was reading at the 6th grade level when I was 5. I knew how to tell time, knew my ABCs, knew how to read, knew how to do VERY BASIC math, i.e. 2+2 kind of stuff, knew how to do subtraction-----all at 5 years old-----before then, really. So, my mother couldn't sell them on "slow", so then she told them she thought I was autistic. (Meanwhile she continued to call me "stupid" constantly, and told me I acted like a retard----or, that I did things like people in a mental institution did.) They sent me to a psychiatrist. The woman asked me if I knew what I was doing there; I told her "no", and that I thought it was my mother who should be there. LOL My sister always did call me "an old soul". I thought my mother was out to get me. They put me in Special Ed. I thought they were all a bunch of idiots.

Years later I had a teacher tell me how great my paper was and why didn't I do that ALL the time. I thought to myself: "Why don't you give me good assignments all the time?". (I put that on another thread, too.)

Anyway..... Years later I heard someone talking on TV about ADHD, and all kinds of lightbulbs went-off----that was sooooo ME!! !! Little did I know it only explained a PORTION of me. I got Dx with ADHD.

A few years ago (late 40s), my doctor said she thought I had Asperger's----tested me, and diagnosed me as such. Wha'd'ya know? Ol' Mom was RIGHT!! !!

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Snowy Owl

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19 Jun 2014, 10:51 pm

For me it was age eleven. Before that, I was so caught up in my dream world of ballet, swans, singing, and satin ribbon that I did not think of questioning anything about myself. I was a shallow child.

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