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What's your favourite part of Christmas?
Presents 27%  27%  [ 7 ]
Food 8%  8%  [ 2 ]
Shopping 0%  0%  [ 0 ]
Spending Time With Family 23%  23%  [ 6 ]
When It's Over 42%  42%  [ 11 ]
Total votes : 26


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25 Dec 2010, 11:27 pm

My favorite part is spending time with family. The holiday food comes in a close second.


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26 Dec 2010, 12:32 am

temporarily less unhopeful, less unhappy feelings.


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26 Dec 2010, 3:24 am

Don't like it. I don't like celebrations (especially those that are religious in nature,) and I hate the materialist nature of it.

"Nobody realizes that some people expend tremendous energy merely to be normal." - Albert Camus


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26 Dec 2010, 3:53 am

I casted my vote to "when it's over" because I hate the social aspects. I'm the black sheep in my family just because I don't talk and I like staying in my room .. Other than that, It would be Jesus. The true reasoning behind Christmas; not this commercialized material world bullshit that replaced it. If I ever have children... they won't know who "Santa Claus " is (not to sound mean-spirited) but they will be taught about the true meaning of Christmas if I choose to continue that holiday (being that I'm only culturally Christian). That's just my view on the matter ... I got "Call of Duty : Black Cops" many books, tea's.. money for Christmas. It's nice to receive such entertainment, and gifts.. however when I raise my family I'll just give them the necessities .. and the tools they'll need to be successful in life. (which will be greater than any commercial gift that could be given)