manhole covers, sewer caps, drains, etc

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23 Jun 2006, 3:09 pm

Any of you all ever notice these while walking down city streets? Some are rather boring, but others can be rather interestingly styled. Some cities even go as far as decorating them for a particular neighborhood! Manhole covers can be sort of like coins, although obviously much larger and heavier

In Washington DC, they were having problems with the deteriorated electrical wiring in the manholes sparking, and igniting sewer gas. It is all too frequent occurance there to have explosions underground that send manhole covers flying!


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24 Jun 2006, 7:25 pm

In NYC they have had people electrocuted by them.

The older one's ussally are a bit more decorated with city names and various patterns depending on the manufacturer. There is a guy who makes replicas of the older ones out of resin I can't remember where I read of saw about it he sells them for decoration and to movie studios

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