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04 Jan 2011, 3:39 pm

rdos wrote:
AspergianSuperstar wrote:
Forexample where does talking too loudly fit into empathy? It just doesn't

No, it doesn't. This is a clear example of not being aware of how loud to talk. It fits into differences in nonverbal communication. Just as basically all the issues in the EQ-test. All the relevant items in the EQ-test cluster to the NT communication group in Aspie-quiz.

It's not necessarily an example of not being aware how loud to talk. I know a lot of people who talk loudly, and since I find that overloading I find myself frequently pointing it out to them. They tell me that they are aware of it, but that they have trouble controlling the volume of their voice. When they stop thinking explicitly about how to control it, the control goes away again and their voice gets louder. What it's often a clear example of, is the fact that many autistic people have trouble with physically controlling their bodies.

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