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20 Jan 2011, 7:07 pm

Vannah wrote:
Either way, have you taken the "Aspie Quiz" ( or the autism quotient test ( They're time consuming but will quite nicely help to confirm or dispell your concerns. And the results might be something to show to your parents to help your case.

I took the 'Aspie Quiz' and got:
112 out of 200 (Aspie Score)
85 out of 200 (NT Score)


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20 Aug 2012, 9:21 pm

rabbitears wrote:
Yeah, I think I just need to build some courage up before I start to tell anyone I know personally about whats going on.

Me too. The 'UD' in my name stands for undiagnosed. I have major issues breaking news to people of any sort. I have compiled a list of symptoms. I'm 13 and really want a definite yes or no. I wish there was a way I could be evaluated without telling my parents. That way, if it's a yes I can show them, if it's a no then I can move on and just keep working on my *bad* social skills.