Autism & Being a “Private Person”

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30 Nov 2020, 7:40 am

In real life, relatively speaking, I'm.
Cause I just like keeping things to myself.

Otherwise I got nothing serious to hide...

At best, I'd just be in a mood to say anything only and only someone asks...
There's no blackmail worthy materials in my closet and I won't deny my wrong doing if confronted...
Unless it's anything that makes anyone worry towards me.

Could've care less if someone judges -- I simply know how very hypocritical humans are. :roll: It's a battle of wits.
Though I won't deny denials myself, provided if someone has any evidence.

At worst, I'd just say nothing.
Simply because I don't feel like sharing anything, in a cynical sense.
Otherwise I'd just feel like keeping it to myself, in a mischievous sense. :lol:

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