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31 Jan 2011, 1:50 am

ruveyn wrote:
John_Browning wrote:
The Bible is completely silent on the existence of extraterrestrial life. Whether the universe is teaming with intelligent life or if we are alone in the universe, it has no effect ion the credibility of the Bible.

I am not so sure. Gen 6:1-4 hints at living beings not of this planet and the arrival of the "angel" who announces the birth of Sampson to Sampson's parent (in the book of Judges) sounds just like a Star Trek beam down and beam up. And of course what Ezekiel saws (wheels within wheels) is a rather good description of the landings of a craft from orbit.


1) Gen. 6:1-4 is generally understood to be referring to angels.

2) Ezekiel had a vision. I'm not sure of the symbolism of it, but in the vision he received a message from God regarding the conduct if Israel.

3) The angel just came as a man the first and second time he met Manoah and his wife, and simply appeared and disappeared, during the offering.

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