10 Super Bowl Moments Since Super Bowl XXV (or 20 years)

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03 Feb 2011, 10:47 pm

Here are my favorite moments in the biggest game of America since I watched the whole game twenty years ago:

10. The Buffalo Bills going to four (straight) Super Bowls--Sure they may not have "won" the big game in either of those Super Bowls, but they won the hearts of underdogs everywhere with the consisitancy of going to the big game.

9. The Seattle Seahawks going to the Super Bowl--The game itself that the Hawks were in is a travsity thanks to the guys in stripes, but for that team to go to the Super Bowl makes people in Seattle get together with lifelong fans with new ones.

8. John Elway finally wins one--After his first three disasterous starts in the big game, he finally had success in Super Bowl XXIII thanks to a great supporting cast. Beating out the highly favored Green Bay Packers, 31-24.

7. The dyansties SB wins reduced from 4 to 3--Since the league is anything goes since the introduction of free agency in 1993, it has been anyones league. There were only two dyansties since the FA: The Cowboys of the '90s and the Patriots of the 2000s.

6. Close SBs--After many, many Super Blowouts, there's a current trend in the big game that there have been closer games in SBs for the past decade alone.

5. Leon Lett fumble--Sure the Cowboys were long winners of the big game against the non-existant Bills, but there's always a silver lining in the clouds when Buffalo WR Don Beebe slaps the football away from Dallas DE Leon Lett from preventing him of scoring a TD.

4. Dyson inches away from first OT in SB history--Steve McNair and the Titans were seconds away of putting the Rams in OT until Mike Jones tackle made St. Louis champions.

3. Vinateri wins one for the Pats (3x)--I bet you everything that if Kicker Adam Vineteri didn't make those clutch field goals for the Super Bowl then the Pats would've been 0-6 in the Super Bowls. Yeah, Mr. Brady and Belichick, I said it!

2. David Tyree's amazing catch in SB XLII--I wouldn't even know that guy's name if he didn't make this clutch catch for the highly underdog Giants which led them to a victory over the (almost) unstoppable Patriots team.

and #1 biggest moment of my Super Bowl watching career....

Norwood goes wide right--This was the first Super Bowl I've ever watched as an eight year old boy. I remember that time that I used to switch teams whoever had the ball because these two teams the Bills and the Giants went back-to-back on each other. Then came Scott Norwood, who is usually automatic when it comes to field goals, misses wide right in the Super Bowl. I was dissapointed when he missed it because I thought he was going to led Buffalo to a NFL championship for the first time ever. Still, it's the most unforgettable moment ever in a Super Bowl.