Unable to practice social skills

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16 Feb 2011, 5:28 pm

Just like AS Mom, I home school my 5yr old aspie and work his social curriculum set by his DPsy into our daily curriculum.

He's learned a ton in a short period of time due in great part to baby steps. We do 5mins a day of practice. We practice:
*The two question rule (You ask a specific question, and then he answers and asks the same question of you. EX: What is your favorite food?)
*The Follow-Up Question-(You Ask a question, then ask follow-up question. Then he does the same to you. EX: What is your favorite restaurant? What do you like to eat there?)

There are many more (listening position, talking position-etc) and we attempt to incorporate them as seamlessly as we can into our daily life. The added bonus for our family is this works for my AS husband, too.

My best tip would be find a way to do this EVERYDAY. If for the first month or two to create the habit you need to use a reward chart to track success, by all means do it. Once a month will never create a habit, nor will it produce successful results.