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17 Feb 2011, 8:50 pm

Hello guys. This post is different from my other ones. It's not sadness. It's more of a moderate frustration every week. It's nothing worth harming myself for. Here's the problem: A couple of times a week, my sister(34) and her daughters come over. Her daughters are 6 and 12. They constantly hang out where I usually stay for the rest of the day. I'm a computer guy, and I have a bunch of computers that I use all day. I feel like I'm being an intolerant d*ck, but this is extremely annoying. Like, very annoying. I try to move to another place (like my room) for when it is bright out during the day. I sort of have an overactive imagination and think there are ghosts in my room at night (sounds crazy right? :wink: ) So, I generally get out when my imagination gets to me. I end up being downstairs for the rest of the day in constant irritation. I do find that exercise helps. But, that quickly wears off. Usually, in result to the crummy day, I end up staying up most of the night doing stupid stuff like playing games. I then go to bed to wake up to them again, except this time I'm in a more agitated mood than before. This generally goes in a loop until they don't come over. They aren't the highest class family and they don't really have much income but they're perfectly capable of living by themselves without having to go over to our house. My sister has a brother that yells at her all the time, so I can understand them coming over occasionally. I don't mind that, but lately they been coming over almost every day. Tonight they're spending the night for a reason which I don't particularly mind(Sister has problems with infection). Being around them all the time gets me in a really crummy, depressed mood. Are there any things you guys do that can help you get out of this mood and avoid this constant irritation. E.g, putting on headphones?