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20 Feb 2011, 1:04 pm

Lately I've been home for a required amount for a couple of months mostly inside psych wards. Coming out happy and still doing so. But I end up being miserable when my friends and family had to change their personality, awkward facial expressions, and clothes to give me comfort. I was trying to tell them not to do it, because I hate my mistakes that I declare humiliating immature. No one acknowledge it they instead toke my jokes that I have no clue how to show, "it's a "Joke." As a result I am provoked by them, when they say their kidding or when they say they know I'm kidding. Yet when I tell them to stop they in the end treat me as if I boast about my problems as someone inconsiderate or miserable. IT'S SO f*****g ANNOYING HOW I CAN'T TELL ANYONE SIMPLY TO LEAVE ME ALONE! Resulting in me more frustrated when they say I'm the immature problem? Or a retarded compromise that is nothing. My step-mother is the worst, her and her daughter are aloud to screw up my room take everything in or out and accuse me of doing something wrong. Yet if I simply say leave me alone my Dad comes in pissed off when he said she heard me use threating gestures and threating her. My uncle came home seeing her, and she made it worst having him go against me. She manages to convince and manipulate me every day. While I try to please her and my dad. My homework gets messed up and she throws luxuries everywhere managing to talk how I react and my actions. Everyone is on her side and I missed too much of school and want to peacefully go home at school. But even when I mention that problem I get even more provoked.


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21 Feb 2011, 2:26 am

i hear ya- it's tough to be a dependent young person. take comfort in the fact that this will all be a memory in a few years. you will be independent soon.