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Blue Jay
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25 Feb 2011, 1:06 pm

I'm a little disappointed in myself today. I have sat in the same seat every single school day since the first week. I sit on the corner of the table, so I only have a person to one side of me and I don't feel trapped when I finish my food. Today though, there was a boy who usually sits on the other side of the table in my spot, and he REFUSED to move, even after I hit him with a book in my hand. My friend started walking toward the library so I bit my tongue and ran after her. I should have just sat across from my usually seat in between my friend a person who was kind enough to understand the 'do not touch me' rules. It wasn't like I could buy lunch anyways, I ran out of money yesterday and my mom was at work all morning so I couldn't ask her and since I had to deal with a screaming younger brother I forgot about my lunch money. I'm not that hungry, I remembered to eat breakfast this morning and I finished an entire water bottle by 2nd period. I'm just glad I didn't have a meltdown but my head feels weighed down, it's hard to breath and my heart hurts. Thank goodness it's Friday. I can go home and not really worry about anything except for a drill competition tomorrow morning. I can walk around my room yelling out "Good morning sir or ma'am. Cadet Ashley ready for unarmed platoon inspection." (I just hope I don't actually say sir or ma'am...) and what not.

I'm a little hungry, but maybe this is good, considering I have science after this and we're learning about the no man lands...

What are your disappointing moments?

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25 Feb 2011, 3:37 pm

Mmhmm, yes, I'm like that. Though I can't offer a clear-cut explanation as to why I am. I've always been extremely baffled by my own propensity to get worked up about small forks in the road and yet be totally able to take huge snafus in life in stride.