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18 Aug 2011, 5:01 pm

Six months later and people are still posting things to Alex on this thread. Six months without a response, an answer, a follow-up to the awesome documentary series that was going to come of his epic drive across country. Six. Freaking. Months.

I know it is because this topic was stickied to this forum by Alex himself and none of the mods have been willing to reverse the stellar showing of personal ego involved in that particular move, but after six months can't we all just agree that Alex won't even notice if it went away and let it sink to the bottom of the forum where it belongs? I kinda feel bad for these Californians who actually think they are going to get a response.


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11 Sep 2011, 11:44 am

BN1111 wrote:
Hey Alex!

So how's it going so far in LA for ya? I go into town often and would love to meet you at some point. Considering moving back to Malibu, but not for at least a year. Anywho, I'll give you a shout out when I head out that way and let you know - hopefully you can fit me into your busy schedule. :0)

Have you hit up Tito's Tacos yet (Westside - Washington Place/Sepulveda)? I could live off of their bean and cheese burritos! (In fact, when I lived blocks from there, I did!! !). Num nums.

Hope all is well, brother.

I haven't tried Tito's tacos yet but I've seen a lot of the city so far.

Also, I'd love to meet up with fellow aspies in Los Angeles. If anyone is interested, send me a PM.


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