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23 Mar 2011, 10:15 am

lotusblossom wrote:
all_white wrote:
lotusblossom wrote:
I would suggest investing in a set of adjustable dumbells with extra cookies (weight discs) that you can add on as you get stronger. Youtube has lots of videos suggesting correct technique.

That's good advice...
...if you've got lots of money to blow and you are sure you are going to keep using your new fancy dumbells and they won't just go to waste once you've lost motivation :roll:

Resistence exercises are just as effective. As an added bonus, they're free. You use your own weight to do them. :wink: Everyone has a floor and a chair and a pair of arms.

I do press-ups, dips and negative chins (I did invest in a chin-up bar, but it no longer works on the doorframes of my new house, so instead I go down to the playground at night, which is free).

I got some dumbells (with extra discs) in asda for £10, so i dont think that is 'blowing' money. I find doing just push ups is boring and prefer a variety of exercises to keep me motivated. I also would not want to hang round childrens playgrounds at night lol.

Oh, I see. Fair enough. I didn't know they were that cheap. Sorry.

I suppose the OP just has to find what's right for them. We all like different things. I find traditional weights boring, yet, for me, press-ups are fun. :D