The 12 most common questions that occur in interviews + tips

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22 Jul 2006, 12:17 pm

1 What did you do in your last job?

mention if you did overtime and skills involed in the job ect.

2 Why did you leave your last job?

don't insult your last employer even if they were that bad put it in to a postive context like I had felt that I
reached my protential there and needed a fresh challage. If you were made redudent explain the situation why reduncane was used i.e. the entire company went into liquidation.

3 Tell me about yourself?

this means skills you have that can benfit them and what you are like as a person and where you mention AS again put it in a postive light such as "I have Asperger's sydrome but I have received social skills training from the college ect" and don't try and explain it to employers unless they ask for more infomation about it.

4 Why should we employ you?

Again explain your skills (basically if you repeat your skills they will get the idea that you have the skills they need) Quaifications ect.

5 Why do you want to work for us?
Any infomation about the company (this is easier with large companies that have websites such as Supermarkets) I say get the market share they have no. of employees no. of shops they have and any specalist info on them.

6 What is your greatness achievement?
Put a high level quification ect something that was hard to obtain.

7 Tell me about a problem at work and how you dealt with it?
This is where you explain how you dealt with a problem such as a difficult customer ect. it shows problem sloving skills and how you cope with problems.

8 What would you say are your three main streghts?
Put what are you good at and expalin why that is. Do that and impress them(watch their jaw drop)

9 What are your weaknessess?
Don't mention any hypersensetives(it won't help). Put something that can be dealt with easily i.e. driving liececne ect

10 How do you cope with pressure?
Put every job has pressure but I release this pressure in my free time by what ever you do to release pressure and mention you leave any home pressures at home and do not let it affect your work.

11 How do you spend your leisure time?
What are your hobbies not too many or they'll think you are too busy to work not good.

12 What questions have you for me?
Good questions. training, promotions, the protential boss and reviews ect
Bad questions. anything that involes money.

Remeber the interviewer is going to be just as neverous as you and there are good interviewers and bad interviews. You can bring notes to the interview just ask and you can take notes about them. remember to dress smartly and is appropriate to the job no tie if a manual job if office a must have(sorry if it is about guys) ladies can wear a smart blouse and trourses or skirt. I would take a copy of your CV and infomation on the company you are being interviewed for and a small notepad and a pen.

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22 Jul 2006, 1:54 pm

Rhisiart_Steffan wrote:
12 What questions have you for me?

Here are some you can use.

How would you describe the company culture?
It shows that you have standards, and won't just jump into any job. It also shows that you've been in the working world for a while, and as a result, have a preference for one type of environment over another.

What's a typical assignment or project like?
This shows that if you're hired, you're willing to read up on the required information.

Who would I report to, if I'm hired?
This shows people skills. I have no idea why exactly, but the interviewers love this questions.


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Tufted Titmouse
Tufted Titmouse

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23 Jul 2006, 1:16 pm

I don't know how relevent this will be but I think I should just go ahead and mention it: Be prepared for bizarre questions or questions that may seem crazy. They are looking to catch you off guard. How you recover from/anwser the question will be a deciding factor in whether or not they hire you/bring you in for another interview. Usually the question will seem out of place, but it is meant to get you to display some characteristc that they are looking for.

For example, a couple of weeks ago I had an interview with a computer networking consulting firm. The interviewers asked me all the typical questions until at the very end where they asked me this: "Explain to me how a toilet works." As someone who is very inexperienced at interviewing, this question sent me reeling. After several minutes of clarifing, stuttering, and contemplation, I managed to describe in detail how a toilet worked (at one point they actually had to stop me because I was getting too detailed! :lol: ) . I think they liked my anwser since they called me up for a second interview. This question, I think, was meant to get me to show them how I can communicate instructions to an individual.

So how does one prepare for a situation like this? How did I prepare? Well, I personally didn't prepare for this interview. Since I have had problems with anxiety in situations similar to interviews in the past, I decided that the best thing for me to do was to not think about it. I mean, the more I think about a stressful situation, then more I get stressed out. For this interview, I did alittle research on the company and made sure that I got a good night of sleep. I know this may not work for most people here, but maybe I should stress that this method is highly individualistic and that it would be best for people here to go about finding their own ways of killing their anxiety to make them more comfortable during an interview.

That's my two cents. To finish my story, I dominated that second interview because of two factors: #1. The second interview is usually more about what you will actually be doing (for me, computer networking). As someone who holds a great interest in this area, I had a fun time conversing with my interviewers about the topic. Which leads me to #2. One of the interviewers during my second interview was the CTO. If you can impress one of the big shots with your enthusiasm then you will definately get the job.

Anyway, that's it. I hope that all made some kind of sense. :D :lol: