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07 Oct 2017, 5:29 am

I also have Autism Spectrum Disorder and specifically High Functioning Asperger's Syndrome. I am incontinent and I can do most things myself although I have a great deal of difficulty with workplace social situations. Actually, all social situations are a tremendous challenge for me. I'm incontinent due to medical and psychological reasons, toileting is another tremendous problem I've had since I was a kid. I'm 42 now and I still feel like a child but with an IQ of 160ish.

I've been kicked out of preschool due to frustration and aggression. I've been fired 9 times from my jobs, been suspended twice, and I've quit my jobs (usually before I thought I would get fired) more then 30 times. Recently I physically attacked a co-worker because he was making fun of me and was fired. Due to all of those socially challenging situations, I had a heart attack when I was 34.

I am looking at getting an Autism support dog to help me manage unpredictable social situations but I'm unsure of how to handle this in a workplace situation. I may have to kibosh that whole idea because of my job. I have also thought about committing myself to a mental health hospital because I feel that I can no longer support myself reliably. My anxiety and depression have catapulted over the past year and I feel like I can barely hang on to my sanity.

*** Severe High Functioning Autism - Asperger's Syndrome ***

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07 Oct 2017, 6:23 am

Welcome to Wrong Planet. I admire your perseverance. Most of my life I was self-employed, or just living frugally. Maybe a patchwork of gigs would let you keep choosing the more compatible ones. A service dog probably helps social situations just by its presence - there may be less to "handle" than you anticipate. My experience of institutions has been disappointing, but there may be some still functioning well and able to relate.