Should I ask mental health professionals about dx again?

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08 Apr 2011, 7:32 am

First of all, I'm already diagnosed with schizoaffective disorder, which is pretty much correct, I have severe mood problems and when the mood problems get bad, I have delusions mostly. That label is already giving me SSI, though I hope to work again someday.

Anyway, where I used to live, my therapist thought I had Asperger's and he was pretty sure about it and even started to treat me for it. But the Psychiatrist said I sort of resemble it but didn't have it. The therapist persisted, but the psychiatrist never agreed.

Now I have moved to a new place. Pretty soon after meeting a new therapist, she thought I had Asperger's, I brought up briefly that my last therapist thought that, but she said she suspected before I mentioned it. Anyway, she wanted to treat me, but I kept on bringing it up a lot and I think she got frustrated and now she won't say much about it if anything now.

I haven't told my new psychiatrist yet how I feel, but I bet it's in my records. He hasn't said anything.

What I do know is they said if I ever wanted to I could request to see a different psychiatrist and they would try to accommodate me. The thing is, a friend told me one of them works mostly with autism and developmental disorders in children and adults. I mean, how would they react if I said something like "I want to talk to him to see if I have an ASD on top of schizophrenia." They probably would be skeptical because schiz and autism are rarely diagnosed together. Plus my medication is still being adjusted for the schizoaffective dx and I probably should stick to the same doctor.

If I had testing, I think I read my medicaid only pays for 5 hours or something like that.

What kind of irks me is the experts say I have a clinically significant social impairment, but they all say that it's the schiz disorder. Plus don't they suspect the lady that likes birds to a weird degree?

My biggest concern is another label might both help and hurt me in various ways, I dunno.


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08 Apr 2011, 8:04 am

Angnix wrote:
If I had testing, I think I read my medicaid only pays for 5 hours or something like that.

I do not know whether you should ask about your diagnosis, but I do suspect the professionals just move along to whatever seems to them to be "next" after making an initial evaluation or whatever ... and that means they are not likely to "go back" and re-assess. And along with that, I suspect they shy away from giving much consideration to any "self-diagnosis" placed before them. Overall, that really frustrates me because there is no way they will ever be willing and able to spend as much time figuring me out as I believe necessary.

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08 Apr 2011, 8:24 am

Unfortunately, there is no benefit to them in dxing you with Asperger's = there is no medication for it and any therapies you may receive for it you are already eligible for under your original dx. Doctor's, as a general rule, do not like to step outside the box. If the two conditions are not considered as comorbids in the DSM then it's highly unlikely a doctor will make that call.


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08 Apr 2011, 8:42 am

You keep talking about being "treated" specifically for ASD but there is no such thing. You are being treated for whatever symptoms you have that are showing up not for ASD. There is no cure for ASD.