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12 Apr 2011, 3:29 pm

AceOfSpades wrote:
Social darwinism is a garbage pseudo-scientific interpretation of evolutionary theory. Stop saying "we libertarians" as if every libertarian is supposed to agree with you, cuz I certainly don't. What makes us "superior" to women? Physical strength? Well in that case animals are superior to us since we are slower and weaker than most animals. We survived through sticking together and using our intellect. And no you haven't proven to be smarter than everyone else. most of your posts are oversimplified garbage.

:lol: QFT.

For there is another kind of violence, slower but just as deadly, destructive as the shot or the bomb in the night. This is the violence of institutions; indifference and inaction and slow decay.


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12 Apr 2011, 3:29 pm

Vigilans wrote:
JakobVirgil wrote:
Vigilans wrote:
In 100,000 years I can almost there being an entirely new genus of Homo assuming we aren't the last
Perhaps we will genetically engineer ourselves into extinction

no we got off of the evolution train 1.5 million years ago.
Our number one selective pressure today is disease resistance
that and the ease of gene movement makes speciation unlikely.
unless . . .

That's why I mentioned genetic engineering- I don't mean we'll disappear, but what currently is the standard genus of Homo Sapiens is bound to change as we begin using gene therapy and learn more about or genetic coding to the point that we can make serious changes physiologically
But in any case, 'modern' Humans only appeared about 200,000 years ago, so I don't think it is unrealistic to expect that we'll change significantly over the next few hundred thousand years

social medical evolution is much quicker than genitic evolution.
The 'modern' might not be as meaningful as it seems palentologists are notorious spliters when it comes to species.
but using that definition in 200,000 years man has only changed a smidge.
Fred Flintstone is just as smart as George Jetson. :wink:
so taking the current speed 1 smidge in 200,000 year would be 2 smidges in 40,000.
the selective pressures change i.e. global climate change, industrial collapse etc.
changes in gene-flow i.e. interplanetary exploration, isolating genetic stock

of course like you say we could just dehumanize ourselves.

?We must not look at goblin men,
We must not buy their fruits:
Who knows upon what soil they fed
Their hungry thirsty roots??

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29 Jun 2018, 5:13 pm

LibertarianAS wrote:
Sociology/Gender Studies/Liberal Arts/Political Science......aka stupid courses for average-lazy students... tend to have very liberal professors teaching the subject matter with a liberal slant.

Business/Economics/Hard Science/Engineering/Mathematics........ too busy working on subject material to bother with politics...traditionally LIBERTARIAN heavens(especially engineering and economics )

you know many scientists lean left, Einstein, Russel, Sagan, Hawking, etc.....