What are some good verbal memory tests?

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23 Apr 2011, 11:19 pm

Hello, I probably had verbal memory deficits when I was younger and I suspect my simplistic verbalizations (Relative to other intellectual properties of mine, such as short term memory and IQ.) might be related to sub-average verbal memory -- I also do poorly on tests that essentially test verbal recall. Looking at the probable etiology, it seems that it might've been caused by my mom smoking during my gestation, since smoking is associated with verbal memory and learning deficits and ADHD symptoms (Which I seem to possess). Does anyone know of any good verbal memory tests and where they can be taken? I've seen the California Verbal Learning Test at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/California ... rning_Test but I'm a bit confused at where I could find a place to take the assessment that fits within my "college student" budget? I'm also scheduled for general memory testing with the WMS-III with the local psych department, but I'm particularly interested in verbal memory since I suspect it to be *the* problem. (The problem why I seem to generally appear stupid to others despite having pretty high IQ scores. I've been attributing it to AS, possibly, but verbal memory seems to be exceedingly likely.)

If anyone knows of any online tests that accomplish roughly the same thing, and have normings or other peoples' scores I could compare to, that'd be pretty radical.