A job/career you would like, but know you can't do?

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30 Apr 2011, 1:44 pm

I'm sure I'm not the only one restricted by my AS regarding what I want[ed] to do.

What I want to do: Legislator (Congressman or Senator). There's a lot of things I wish I could just stand up and address that a lot of people don't seem to have a solution too. I'm sure we all feel that way, but rather than push to trash a system, I find it better to improve it.
Why can't I do this? Speech. Not stage fright, but that inability to keep the listener interested, stay on topic, and look them in the eye. It's obviously required of statesmen, and no person with AS really has that ability.

What I'm really cut out for:Railroading. I've always been a train lover (it's one of my "narrow, specific interests"), but it's because the patience and by-the-book personality required of a railroader is just what I have. It might not be special, and often boring, but it works (despite what little attention railroaders receive for there work).

But here's what I'm striving for right now:

My current dream is more or less possible. I want to be a Naval Aviator. But I've taken my time thinking about it. I've spoken with lot's of people about it and checked my options, and I think I have a shot. My plan is to attend ROTC at a decent college (hopefully A&M University, but most likely University of Texas @ San Antonio or Texas Tech), then take my IFS. My AS is becoming less and less apparent over the years, and my motor skills are improving rapidly. If I retain my physical shape, I could grab an open slot in Primary Flight Training. I've already had previous flight experience (and if anything I should major in Aeronautical Engineering), so I'm good with airplanes. My biggest problem will come from how well I can control my aspie anxiety. If anything, that'll be the real killer.

So WP, what did/do you want to do but are restricted from performing, and what better suits you?


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01 May 2011, 4:13 am

I want to be a police woman... I'm one that really gets angry at injustice and people who do the wrong thing.

However due to anxiety and irritable bowel syndrome, no chance.

So I'm in IT....