RE: Kids w/ Classic Autism, PDD-NOS & Speech Delays

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19 Aug 2019, 9:36 am

Jon81 wrote:
The feeling is he just matured a little bit and made the choice himself - as with a lot of other things such as eating with his hands. We never used any ABA to teach him these stuff.

Could you explain a bit more about developmental changes in cognitive maturity and ability to reason?

One small caveat is that every child is different....but...your little one will inevitably surprise you as he gets older. The ability to reason and need for independence varies but we notice that for our daughter she started wanting to do things herself on her own initiative. Toileting, bathroom, washing etc....

The question in our heads was whether repetitious teaching via ABA helped or whether her ability to reason and cognitive maturity "kicked in"....I don't know the answer. The safest course of action is repetitious learning as the child at least develops schemas for the activity, the danger is of course is their schema for the scenario (i.e. toilet training) involves you being there but I am sure this will change with age.