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26 May 2011, 4:40 pm

ruveyn wrote:
aghogday wrote:

That's the biggest reason I have no problem paying higher taxes. I had the use of all the resources that government provides most of my life, and paid what I feel like are extremely low taxes compared to what they were in the earliest parts of my life. I don't have any children, but don't mind sharing the cost for future generations to have the same advantages of living in the US that I have had.

The government never provided you with anything but cash stolen from tax payers. All things are invented by individuals or voluntary groups of individuals.

Edison and Swan invented the resistance glow lamp, not any government.

Tesla and Marconi invented wireless transmission and reception, not any government.

The Brothers Wright developed the first motor driven controllable flyer for $1200 out of their own pocket. Unlike Langley who produced three failures with a $50,000 grant from Congress (every cent taken by force from taxpayers) In 1901 $50,000 was a vast fortune.


I didn't state that the government invents anything; however people that work for the government have invented and produced many technological advances. And, the government funds many scientific efforts.

We wouldn't have roads and bridges to connect our country if it wasn't for taxpayers and government organization. Private efforts are more important in the success of our country, but that's no surprise.

We won't have a significant number of breeder reactors without taxpayer and government support. The return on investment, is not there for private industry.

My understanding from your statement is you don't mind paying more taxes for breeder reactors because of the value their to the future of your great-great grandchildren; most people benefit from using electricity, so how will the ability to continue to have the resource of electricity, be seen as a result of stolen money from taxpayers to make it happen?

Or, is the value of roads and bridges not nearly as significant as breeder reactors? Those are just two simple examples of resources that are provided by the taxpayers, that allow us to enjoy a better life. There are thousands more, that one might not ever consider in their day to day life.

I guess, we could all establish our own amish type living arrangement, and live with paying little tax, simply because we produce most of what we need for ourselves, and live below the taxable income level. But, many people like the resources provided by tax payers and government organization.

I understand our way of government is far from perfect, but if people had a choice not to pay taxes, what other solution would there be to maintain organization within our borders? If there is no other solution, and most are willing to abide by current tax laws, how is taxpayer money stolen?