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26 May 2011, 2:16 am

The title is little cryptic but this is something like that I have a such kind of 'failure expection', where I always believe something will result in failure if the progress is unclear, and can't stop thinking about it.
I've also had a feeling of recognisation of corrupt environments, like something emotions from terrible memories from my childhood coming up. I was adopted from romania 1994 and lived on an orphanage prior to that, and believe I were missing the fundamental of childhood, and suffer from this in special cases, and believe some of my mental handicap has an impact of that. I coining the condition 'chrome depression', which chrome is an metal and my memories is relating to an corrupt environment where walls and doors are consisting of metals...

I've published a 15 track album with 2 hours of ambient goa, minimal and drone ambient. This is the last one in a series of regular works in this style. My ambient songs are mostly dark, having distortion and metal drone sounds. It's an reflection of my memories, and listening it together with looking at my orphanage and around in Google maps simultany raises strange beckons from my life in the "underworld" (at the orphanage)...
Spotify is soon coming to the US this summer, and the album will be available for streaming/download by July 28th this year. But you can check out my previous music, which also aren't to different than the newerst one.

WrongPlanet does not allow me to post links prior to five legitime posts, so Google for the album 'Dr. Sounds - Transition' if you wish to check it ou