if you could, would the last song on your pro album be sad?

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26 May 2011, 4:58 pm

big time musician or not? let's just say you were. whether you are or not by the way, think of whatever album you heard that got more dramatic towards the end and let's discuss it. I remember "Roll It Over" from Oasis' Standing On the Shoulders of Giants being pretty darn concluding, and it kinda saddened me and reminded me of the band (slowly) nearing their end. anyways, over n out, the wannabe musician. lolz

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26 May 2011, 6:48 pm

I think Emperor nailed it on their final album "Prometheus" with the song Thorns On My Grave. The last couple of lines from the song read "When I am gone, lay thorns on my grave". I think what they're trying to say with that song is that yes, its over so leave it be. Let it die.

I'm still sad when I listen to the song because I remember how I felt when I first heard it and knew that it was the last "new" song I'd ever hear from them. I'm hoping for a reunion (even though in most cases I hate reunions) but I think its pretty unlikely considering Samoth and Trym are off doing their own things in multiple bands and Trym has a tattoo shop to run now.