Got through first job interview: going to another one

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01 Jun 2011, 5:18 pm

I applied at Black Bear Diner as a dishwasher and table busser because I have trouble with a lot of social situations. They have a new location opening this month a street away from my house. I got through the initial interview and will be going to the second one within two weeks. Any advice for the second interview?

The second interview is the big one. It determines whether I get the job or not.

Sea Gull
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01 Jun 2011, 5:47 pm

Try to remember some of the lighter moments from the first one. Use their names when speaking with them. Try to sound enthusiastic.

Do some research on the location or another restaurant such as traffic peak times or read a review of the place/chain and then mention it in the interview (e.g. "I was reading on Yelp about how Black Bear Diner gets good reviews"). If you know someone who eats there ask them what they think and mention that too. if you know the names of the people you are interviewing with Google them and see if you have anything in common to bring up.


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03 Jun 2011, 2:59 am

Be yourself
do not pretend
speak honestly and also tell your weak points
so that later on when your caught with your weakness you would not be abused since you had already disclosed it
during interview time.

thats just my personal opinion since i have been through that.
But ultimately its your say

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