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14 Jun 2011, 9:48 am

blunnet wrote:
MarketAndChurch wrote:
my feelings on honesty from a thread in the Love / Dating forums:

I am personally not a pro-honesty guy because I've discovered what a true purist who follows a honest life involves... you push away those who matter to you the most, and if you have AS, often hurt them in the process while not having a clue of the un-necessary hurt you have caused.

Being brutally honest doesn't mean being truthful or always saying the truth, given that "truth" is, usually, in the eye of the beholder, it's funny when some people don't seem to know the difference between lies, mistakes, beliefs and truth.

As for dating, given the love/dating forum, relationships are built upon falshoods anyway.

A lie demands a conscious intent to deceive. The whole world operates on people lying to each other for one reason or another whether it is to promote business, attain sex, attain advanced office of one kind or another or merely to remain anonymous and uninflicted. People lie to themselves continuously about their abilities, their aims, their pleasures etc. Lying is so densely interwoven into all aspects of life because it is so useful and so rewarding.