I've encountered Aspie discrimination....

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22 Aug 2011, 10:21 am

Ai_Ling wrote:
Im guessing you guys are right. Cause the one interview I did very well in cause I chit chatted with the interviewer and showed excitement. See I didnt even know it was an interview, I thought it was a meeting. She told me, that we'd meet and then see if we could schedule an interview. But then she changed her mind w/out telling me and just had the interview. I wasnt nervous cause I thought it was a meeting.
Best of luck on that.

Heh, the last company I really interviewed with, I had an old friend call me up to take me out to lunch. I suspected that he might broach the topic of a job in his new company which I had asked him about.

I was pretty relaxed because I thought it was just lunch between friends to catch up.

He shows up, brings another guy with him, and tells me that rather than just catching up, this lunch is a preliminary interview, not just for a job as a data scrubber that I'd seen, but, a job as a Project Manager, then asked to hear my 'elevator speech'.

I was completely and totally in shock for a minute. But, I finally found my voice and rolled with it. I did not come off very confidently. But, luckily the guy has read a lot of stuff I've written and knew my skillset was appropriate.

I fumbled through my 2nd interview as well, giving short answers. I had researched the company and talked to two other employees who worked there, so, once I got passed the basics of the benefits package and client list, I did not have any other questions about the company. For some reason, I think they expected me to.

Still hoping that one might come through, once the economy picks up more.


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22 Aug 2011, 8:34 pm

I have worked two jobs for 9 years each and a whole bunch for 2 weeks or more. I have encountered extreme discrimination of the first 9 year long job. Most of the people I worked with I went to high school with them so they knew I was in special education classes. They called me a retard everyday making "Duhhhhh" sounds when I would walk by or tried to say something. They also went out of their way to make my life a living hell. They would tell the boss not to move me to a fulltime employee because I lived with my parents and do not drive so according to them I did not need the extra money like them. The boss gave me fulltime hours and responsibilities but kept me at a partime pay scale. The guys who said they needed to be fulltime jobs who had illigeitimate babies they had to support but once a week their girlfriends would be coming in crying or screaming about how they were spending money on their car stereo systems and expensive clothes for their new girlfriend and not their young children. So I spit in their drinks and food everytime I could get away with it if I could have got my hands on an untraceable poison they would all be dead now and I would be a hell of a lot happier.

I do not think you were discriminated against you just had a bad interview. When you have been discriminated against you feel an extreme rage and a sense of injustice.

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30 Aug 2011, 8:04 pm

I applied for a job at Kindercare (a chain of child care centers) in the Eugene, Oregon area and the director at the Oakmont location recently got back to me and said they were not hiring for the whole year.
Before that when i picked up the application, I told the director who I was and that I was looking for a child care aide position.
Now before I go any further, I just want to say I've looked at the format of Kindercare based on the views of parents who have used their center and from the looks of things, they seem to be under-staffed in every location and it seems to be because people don't last long there. They either quit or get fired for some totally bogus reason.
Now back to my story, when I told the director about myself and that I was looking for a part time job as a child care aide, she looked at me funny (confused actually) then said "We don't need anymore staff, thank you." then when I made myself more specific she said "I'll think about it."
Little did I know, I would get false hope just a couple of weeks after the application was submitted.
With all the avoiding that the director was doing that day, Being turned down makes me wonder if Kindercare discriminates against (potential) employees on the spectrum.

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30 Aug 2011, 9:21 pm

Not to mention that I'm exceptionally nervous at an interview, knowing they are probably trying to read me and probably analyzing the things I say! It's the kind of stuff that makes you WANT to keep quiet, lol! Interviews are rough for me, too. :(

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31 Aug 2011, 1:10 pm

You call this discrimination? You got asked for a 2nd interview.

As someone who works in a mid-sized company, I know that personality matters. People with an attitude that doesn't mesh with the culture become distractions, and take away from others. Therefore, it is damn important for an interviewer to gauge how a person will perform both with the customer, and with the coworker.

If an employer picks a worse candidate due to personality type, then he has cost himself money. It's simple.

And also, this might stun you, but 50% of people would be in the extroverted half, and 50% are in the introverted half. Even in this mess of an economy, 91% of people who want jobs, have jobs. The world isn't stacked against you, just because you're an introvert.