I've been unemployed for 3 years. Anyone beat that?

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Tufted Titmouse
Tufted Titmouse

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25 Jul 2017, 5:24 pm

Haven't had a job since 2011, which has been about six years now. My first and only job was filing medical records for two months as part of a hospital internship. Hated that job with a passion but stayed for the entire two month period all the way 'til the end. Before and after the job ended, I was pretty much told how hard it will be for me to get work so I eventually started looking more into self employment. I'll admit that during my internship and afterwards, I made some mistakes and earned some money online as well...very little though. Between 2011 and '14, I tried going back to school for medical billing and coding and dropped out after I finished my EHR course. I was pretty much forced into going back to school for something due to people who didn't live with us telling me to. My nasty ass half sister refused to listen to my problems so I stopped telling her because I knew she'd shoot me down with insults and criticisms about what I'm not doing. She was and is the type who said one thing about our relationship to others and says and does another to me in private. I got tired of trying to figure out where she stood so I started ignoring her on Facebook and she decided to cut me off like that. This proves how little respect she has for anyone. Anyway, I have been self employed for a while now. Made some work at home mistakes in the last 5-6 years(e.g. getting involved with transcription and caught up in transcription hell in the process), but that's how I learned. That's how we all learn. Just don't tell any self righteous person like my nasty sister. I'm in the process of publishing my books on Kindle and should be done with the story I'm working on no later than July 31st. Promotion will be a bit tricky, but I think I can manage though. Right now, I sell on eBay and earn from other ventures. I just gotta learn to save my money.


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25 Jul 2017, 8:27 pm

Haven't worked since 1996, and that was a nasty waste of time. In fact the whole lot of my sporadic working life has been a horrible torment which I wish I had avoided.


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01 Aug 2017, 6:16 am

about 6 years. worked some part time whilst creating my own job. it is still an uphill climb with self employment, but the thought of going back to corporate sector with all the office politics is a motivating factor to make it work.

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Yellow-bellied Woodpecker

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09 Sep 2019, 12:23 pm

Gone out of school with 17.5, after that about 4 years schools trying to get a job education or highschool degree, no success at all, whatever.

My current age is 32.9, which I knew cause I read it at the computers display at my doctor (i sneaked over the desk, when no one was in the room) last week, I also could not believe it, but still about 45 years to go, so we will see when the number stops.

Successful unemployed for about 10,5 years now, did some freelancing jobs and some jobs which i hold 1-2 months or just cause i was too bored and want to see something else, but nothing longer than 2,5 months.

Living from about 400-500€ a month for the time, could not safe anything at all, complete broke currently, hoping someone pays me 400k for some contract, maybe, maybe not.

It's not bad to be unemployed, I could managed to get some holidays the last years and see the seaside a couple of times, hopefully I can manage again to get to a warmer country over f*****g xmas, which I hate for multiply reasons.

So far, so long, most people who work are dumb and using their lifetime to fill others pockets and buying useless things to not getting completely depressed.


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13 Sep 2019, 12:58 am

For me, it's been nearly 6 years. The biggest problem is those damn applicant tracking systems.

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14 Sep 2019, 3:29 pm

I'm 28. I've had a couple of jobs that lasted for a month. The Longest i've worked was for 5 months.


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23 Sep 2019, 1:46 pm

Well, I haven't been in active paid employment for nearly twelve years come January, and I don't care who knows it.
All my work comes from human resources, and from what I can put paid to work back out into my own community.
I enjoy the art of conversation and good humour and clicking together on mundane tedious tasks, that don't offer any permanent catering solutions give or take in the current council budget agenda.
Everyone based in the public service quarters are hoping and praying their time won't be up whereas they will employ the youngest least experienced and mildly unfit in terms of physical ability to take up the human slack, and now my credentials are being implemented and supplemented once again, to deal with waste management and cutting back on loose ends to survey a tight schedule, that involves the careful remedy of running a group to size and date.
Either, way I'm young enough to take up the slack just not stupid enough to fall in the unhealthy trap of being paid on supply. I'd rather see out the long and short term on voluntary expenses and get my benefit money. My transport is expensive enough, and actually no matter what anyone says, no one will help you, you must put in the time to up your knowledge in certain areas of interest and ideas, use people as stepping stones and a guide to references and feel your way through a schedule of missed shortages that haven't been kept up to speed and recommendation through the daily blunder of all who survey and run it. Another thing is not to step on anyone's toes too much, but not let them take advantage or walk all over you either, otherwise your name will be kept out of the history books for years to come.