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31 Aug 2006, 9:29 am

Straight into disjointed topics. Typical eh?

Why can't we brain-squirt this yet? Don't answer that. Linear communication sucks. I'd like to go parallel but we ain't there yet. Urf... *pause* *sigh* Years and years of hearing society's lies about individuality etc. Gak! Ok... collect... common references.. overlapping references... The "I haven't the faintest idea what you're saying" thing. I'm going to have to assume I can use these here. *shove* Think linear damnit! *sigh*

1: Honesty: Ok, I've never pushed the issue with me because well, I hate people taking an out when they've no right or business. I've seen it all over the place from some lasy arse pushing his "back insury" to the ol' "I'm just plain psycho" to the "Oh gosh! I'm HIV positive!" to the "Oh, I'm a teen-age outcast with gender re-assignment issues!" to the <fill in the blank>. Honestly though, the whole "Asperger's" thing is very trendy with certain cop-out groups. So? *sigh* Again, threads, can't do it linear.

2: People! Ok, there's a good one. Again, wouldn't it be nice to plop the whole thing on the table? Normally for me the fingers and the thoughs flow but this one is well clogged. Being taken advantage of because you don't know the language. A complete lack of guile. And on the other side, never being taken seriously. Always having your expertise questioned, parrot knowledge without comprehension and jet-liners wooshing over everyone's heads. I've always assumed everyone's retention levels were around my own and that they could piece the threads and references together. It's not like it's memorisation of any type, just a general retention of things. Kick butt on Jeopardy? Duh! Nathaniel Hawthorne burned the first manuscript for The Scarlet Letter. Whatever. I've never memorised a thing in my life! Well, other than Pi to 50. :oops: References... *sigh* I was first sent to psych to see if I was stable or babbling because the docs couldn't piece together what I was talking about. Being (suposedly) well-educated, I grasped at the chance to talk to (possibly) like minds. Whups!

3: Ok, can do link here. So finally it was THEM who's stuck me with the label, the "diagnosis" of something. Doesn't that imply treatment? Hell, all I've wanted in my life was a bit of acceptance for the difference that I am. Wanna embrace individuality? Fine! Welcome to the far end of the Bell curve. People don't seem to get the fact that "normal" implies "abnormal" and other parts of the spectrum. Hell, if it was a sunny day every day would we call that "normal"? Dinna think so. I think they call that a drought.

Ok, guess I can try and go full circle here. Honesty: Ok, bit of resentment on a few fronts. First off, all them's that's taking a wee bit of social ineptitude as an out to sitting in the basement playing videogames. Honesty: This comes from a heavy hard life with no help. Honesty the second: Resentment and jealousy. *sigh* Yah, I'm resentful, jealous, and P-O'ed that I never got the help I could have used in my early years. Now though, I'm uncertain about how to approach this. I've been dropping those not so subtle "Jeez! I ain't thinkin' like you!" messages all my life and let me tell you, nobody's ever accused me of being "normal" (knock wood). Thing is, they all expect you to "snap out of it" at some point, as if there's this magic switch we can throw that'll make everything better. Oh joy! Junior finally got a job and a girlfriend! Phew! *sigh* So what do we ask for and how do we get taken seriously? Can't exactly full-frontal someone with a "Hey! Great to meet you! By the way..."

Thoughs and no answers. Sponge. Toss some water in. Personally, I'm off to watch the colors of the music. Peace and clench fist.


"Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask and he will tell you the truth." - Oscar Wilde


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31 Aug 2006, 11:39 am

Atomicat wrote:
Honesty: Ok, bit of resentment on a few fronts. First off, all them's that's taking a wee bit of social ineptitude as an out to sitting in the basement playing videogames.

Ok Atomicat, I'm not sure if I'm reading this right. Are you claiming that having a bit of social ineptitude is being used as an excuse to sit in the basement playing video games? If so, I can say that having gaming ineptitude is what some people use as an excuse, to knock gamers. Gamers aren't social recluses, we just perfer a interesting challanging virtual world, to the mundane world of people who talk about mundane things. I'm sure you know what that is like, as an Aspie.

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