Questions for aspie men/ men with aspie traits.

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06 Aug 2011, 8:14 pm

As mentioned, should ask him personally how he feels, everyone is different, yada yada and etc.

To answer the question, I don't really know. Nor am I officially diagnosed with AS, so take my words for what you will.

I have been told i'm not very romantic, but that when I get into a topic of interest I talk that persons ear off.

I've been told I normally have a constant very blank stare, but smile in that persons presence.

I've been told, that when I am romantic I do so without trying. (None of these are 1st party experiences)

These are my opinions:

When i'm interested in someone..if they even give me an INCH of attention, I try to milk every bit of it.

Its occassionally hard to stop wanting to stare, even if eye contact is a problem.

I'll be flirtatious.

I don't really initiate points of contact, or plan dates or anything without someone else nudging me. (Not when I first meet them, but after the relationship has lasted a bit)

I'm narcissitic in a sense, but self conscious and withdraw if I feel i'm ignored and I internally crave their attention.

I don't initiate touch often, but once again I try to capitalize if its offered.

I talk to them about things big or small and if I love them, trust them with everything.

I probably would drive by the persons house often at first but if she didn't start initiating, would feel insecure and stop doing it as much. Like other interests, love is also an obsession.