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21 Aug 2011, 7:54 pm

School has just started. On the weekdays, I go to school. On the weekends, I do nothing.

I have a few friends at school. I wish I could hang out with them, but I can never figure out anything to do over the weekends. I have no hobbies...I don't watch much TV or play video games.

I wish I had some hobbies. Social ones, ones that can help me socialize with other people.

The problem is, not much interests me. I am not very athletic, so I'm not very interested in sports. Track and field might be fun, but I'm defiantly not fast enough.

My passion lies in music. I would love to have a part in that. I'm not a very good singer though. I have considered getting a guitar, but I probably wouldn't get one until Christmas at least.

Any advice?


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21 Aug 2011, 8:15 pm

Music is a great hobbie. Is there a chorus or a band at your school? You can be part of it. It will help you make some friends while you do what you like. There are also free concerts and stuff during the weekends. If you like music you can attend those concerts and invite your friends.

Snowy Owl
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21 Aug 2011, 8:34 pm

Here's a few ideas :

Does your school have a marching band? Fall is marching band season and they play on weekends.
Does your school give instrumental music lessons or have an orchestra (you can usually rent an instrument for not too much so you won't have to wait til Christmas, probably not guitar though)?
Get a job at a music store
Volunteer at a music program for younger kids? senior citizens? (look at libraries, museums, art centers etc)
Are there any private music/choral/theater groups in the area you could join?
If you attend church, join the choir
Go to concerts or performances
Contact a local band you like and ask if they need help promoting, handing out flyers, putting notices on FB, or selling tickets/merchandise then hang out with them and help them get fans. You will become part of the local music scene this way.
Start/join a garage band (after you get that guitar)

My son did all of these except choir - his special interest is music too. Try to get exposed to lots of different kinds of music even if it's not the exact style you prefer, you will still learn something from all of these things and people. He just started touring this summer and his band is making a modest profit. It's hard work but he loves every minute of it.


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23 Aug 2011, 7:38 am

I recommend trying out Magic the Gathering or Dungeons and Dragons. Much of my social skills came from just hanging out with people at my local game shop. It's also a low-pressure way to make friends. People with AS are drawn to these games because of the logical nature of the rules in addition to the fact that it's a non-conversation focused way to socialize.

As a cautionary note I must warn that the card game Magic the Gathering can involve trading cards of fluctuating values and this can give others the opportunity to take advantage of the over-trusting nature of some aspies. On the other hand, we all have to learn these lessons eventually and it's better to learn them by losing $50 worth of cards then losing your retirement fund.