Your worst dating experiences

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Emu Egg
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09 Sep 2011, 10:33 pm

b9 wrote:
i have 2 mobile phones in my pockets at most social instants.

i have one in my top pocket (my default phone which everyone knows), and another one in my pants pocket.

the phone in my pants pocket is primed to call the phone in my top pocket when i press the "call" button (which i can feel to press).

when i am sick of a situation, i press the button in my pants pocket that causes my phone in my shirt pocket to ring, and i answer it and i say "yes....yes.....i will be there very soon", and i excuse myself and go.



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10 Sep 2011, 8:06 pm

Humperdinck wrote:
Humperdinck's worst dating experience.

When Humperdinck was young and foolish, he was asked out by a guy online. Thinking the guy was alright, humperdinck agrees to meet him the the border's coffeeshop. He turns up and pushes his seat right next to humperdinck and places his hand on humperdinck's theigh. Humperdinck is scared but doesn't know how to respond to 6'9" creepy guy. Creepy guy goes up to the counter and order's coffee. He keeps looking at Humperdinck the how time and comes and sits straight back down. Creepy man now touches Humperdinck's theigh higher and Humperdinck tries to move the chair further away by adjusting. Creepy guy pulls humperdinck back really close and tries to fondle Humperdinck's crotch.

At this point Humperdinck Stands straight up and screams at the man to stop trying to molest Humperdinck. Everyone in the shop is staring. The man starts crying.
Humperdinck walks out of Border's.

Sounds particularly horrible for both of you :(

I was chased by a girl with a knife on a blind double date that my workmate setup and I reluctantly went along on, all his fault..well that and the crazy girl, I dunno he 'teased' her until she snapped, obviously something bad had happened to her once I guess.