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11 Sep 2011, 11:22 pm

Ok...I had just started college 2 weeks ago and I was already interested in this one girl that was in 2 of my classes, on the first day we were in the same group of a fun activity and we talked and I liked her already...the thing is, I think she might be interested in me as well.

In our one class, the textbook we used only had an online ordering (instead of getting it from the bookstore). We had an assignment due and since there was just 1 copy of it in the library on reserve (only use for 2 hours and then next person's turn) I grabbed it and started doing it.

Well I saw her walk into the library and she asked the lady but I had it so she pointed her to me. Now at first, she just grabbed a computer and kept looking, almost if she was afarid to say something. Me as well kept my head down under the bill of my cap instead of asking her about the class.

Eventually she said something and I shared the book with her as we did the problems. When she went back onto the computer to type and print it out, out of the blue, she asked me if I had a Facebook and then asked for my last name.

Now she could of just been really friendly and this is the part that I've never gotten to. I plan on sitting next to her in our next class together but should I think she is interested in me or is just being nice.

It just seemed different, like she was putting effort into befriending me...I'm not so sure yet about the whole thing but I would like to know what to do from terms of getting her number, should I ease into it, etc...



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12 Sep 2011, 2:10 am

Probably, at this early state of your acquaintance the girl doesn't know herself what she does or does not want with respect to you.
Each acquaintance, friendship, affair, romance, or relationship is a dynamic process. It's not as if the other person would approach you with a worked out plan in their mind.
In the beginning, she could just be interested in getting to know you better, without further intentions.
If you want to date her, choose harmless and neutral surroundings at first. You shouldn't come across as if you wanted to push things. Ask her out to the movies, a museum, or the zoo. An emphasis on friendship allows both of you to figure out whether or not you wish to take things to the next level. Good luck!

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12 Sep 2011, 9:07 am

PTSmorrow wrote:
An emphasis on friendship allows both of you to figure out whether or not you wish to take things to the next level. Good luck!

This is great advice, friendship is a great way to start...but be careful you don't go too far and enter into the "OMG you're such a great person, I feel I can talk to you about anything, WOW you're such a good friend" zone.
If you get into the "Friend Zone" you will be listening to her ask your advice about people she likes before you know it. And no, she won't be talking about you.
Speaking as a girl, there is a delicate balance between "great guy I like to spend time with who has potential for future romance" and THE FRIEND ZONE!