Try, Fail, Feel Bad, Repeat. (aka venting about OkC stuff)

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21 Sep 2011, 5:03 pm

That's the nature of online dating - it's "easy come, easy go": someone better is always one more mouse-click away.

Meh - you can have it... :roll:


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21 Sep 2011, 5:47 pm

Quartz11 wrote:
It just seems like I'm a loop while trying to work this whole dating thing.

Browse around OkC, send a few messages out there, never hear back from them, pull back for a few days, repeat cycle.

Once in a blue moon I do actually get replies back, half the time they disappear half the time we meet up sometime. But then they too disappear. Pull back for a few weeks, repeat cycle of browsing and messaging.

It gets kinda old. Tough to keep going with the general lack of success here. If I even know what to say to a gal, she'll check out my profile but never reply back. So it's like, what am I doing wrong?

They don't produce enough production in the marketing production if they are doing what you are doing.

The highiest probability is meeting someone face to face.

Social connection outside the internet is hard work, but you have to work hard to get what you want. You have to get at least friend with 5 girls or more, before you can create 1 date. At this rate, you can't afford to be picky and lower the standard but still maintain a minumum standard. Another word, you don't get the girl, who is the most prettiest or popular, find a girl who might have a lower self-esteem who think lowly about themselve in front of guy or a girl is more mature but haven't have a boyfriend. Eventually when you get to an older age. you will have a higher chance of finding a better girl because they aren't "taken" or luck out of the soclal relationship ring.

You either use the fishing rod or you can use the fishing net and grab most girls that you can talk to then sort them out. If you go where the ponds are, you can find them. There is ton of fishes at college!

Again, social is hard work! Finding a girlfriend should be hard as making a sale. It feels like playing a game of chess. I gave enough example because I don't deceive girls but work my way into using my charming ability. My charming power might be getting stronger as I learn to channel it correctly.