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18 Sep 2011, 4:00 am

I am amazed by the insights so clearly articulated in the Autism Social Rule Book thread. I posted a link on my FaceBook page along with the following , but now I'm thinking I should ask if that is an okay thing to do. I will take it off if that is the consensus.

Aspies are writing The Autism Social Rule Book. And it's brilliant.

42. if someone asks what you think about the work they have done, they do not want to know what you think.

As far as I can tell they want:
... a) comment about a feature of the work to show understanding
b) compliment their brilliance
c) pretend you don't understand a second part so they get to explain

best applied all together and in order

I especially liked this one for a lot of reasons I don't even know how to put into words yet. It is such a perfect example of unraveling a complex truth much better than 99% of NTs ever could. (Or would want to admit to.)

I started a new thread with this question because I thought it might get lost in the NT/AS Hotline thread. That thread is so popular I think it would be more useful as a separate forum so that we could respond to questions in individual threads. Does anybody else think that is a good idea?