[ASAN]Protest against Autism Speaks, Columbus, OH, Oct 9

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23 Sep 2011, 4:18 am

Jeffrey228 Wrote:

Well just be glad you don't live in Canada, Mental Aslyums are still opened over there, and I know sooner or later, if no cure for Autism is avalible by the time our Nation goes into a second Great Depression, then those Mental Aslyums will be opened again in our neck of the woods and any refusal of treatment will result being their last being alive, cuts down the human population and apparently gives NTs the upper hand...

We are already in the second great depression, any apparent growth of the last 9 years or so has been due to nothing but currency debasement. But I don't follow why this will eventually cause more autistic people to be put in assylums. Economic depression means cash being horded and not being spent, governments and companies are not going to increase spending on mental health services at this time with no clear objective.