I suck at meeting girls or a girlfriend.

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12 Oct 2011, 6:33 am

poeticwrongplanet wrote:
So once you do get a girlfriend, a LOT more women will start taking an interest in you.

This is very true. Almost every guy I know has said pretty much the same thing. Kinda frustrating; where were these (admittedly not all that many, really) women when I was single?

I think they see a guy being in a relationship as a sign that he's a safe generally okay guy with at least some redeeming qualities.

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16 Oct 2011, 6:18 pm

Even sad apsie - the sadness shouldn't bother especially so after he agreed with my sentiments on what women are in a relationship to loaded and offensive on a aspie forum apparently :roll: :roll: :roll:

So how long are you going to be able to keep the charade going for being "that guy' ie Mr Money bags and Mr Entertainment not very long I would assume as a stereotypical male aspie (and I say that in a complementary way :D )

. Seriously women should earn their own money and in regards to entertainment you'd be better served and stick to books and if you need a bit of laughter in your life watch reruns of Seinfeld or it's =.

I even made some smart @#$% commentary on what constitutes "fun" and I was accused by a young female of been a charmer :D and appparnelty what I had said was the resons why she didn't like to hang around autistics they never like to do things normal people like "fun"

On a final note I had a run in with a female autistic and apparently the men at the Meet Ups ether irritated her or aroused her pity (which sounds right on the money to me) Which one are you :wink:

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