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01 Oct 2011, 5:03 pm

Have the remainder of an noneventful day following your usual routine, encapuzado.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, NILES CRANE! :jester: :mrgreen: :alien: :pig: :sunny: :cat: :flower: :farao: :joker: :queen: :king: :brilsmurf: :smurf: :smurfin: :bigsmurf: :elephant: :dwarf: :nemo: :fish: :colors: :elephant: :rabbit: :pr: :pl: :cheers:

To both of you born on this day, according to my fortune-telling birthday book:

October 1: You can adapt yourself to circumstances and environment, but you enjoy luxury and ease. You are sociable, magnetic, and a loyal friend, and you possess a happy disposition. You are idealistic and sensitive, and you like music and art and derive much pleasure from both. Do not marry in haste. <-- [This book appears to be from the 1940s so you can ignore the marrying part if you want.]


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01 Oct 2011, 6:05 pm

Just another thing that I hate and have forgotten until it happened at night:

- Phone callings just to say happy birthday. "Lots of health, wealth, peace and love in your life"

Don't like phones.


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02 Nov 2011, 3:40 pm

Its my birthday today.
I am not big on them at all, it seems that its more for other people.
I don't like all the attention, the phone calls from relatives that i dont speak to all year is very pointless.
My mum just rang and i answered gruffly "What to you want ! !!" - she thought that was hilarious - it wasn't really a joke.
A friend of mine has insisted on taking me to the mall to get me a present - the mall is my most hated place on earth.
Oh well i am going anyway cause its just to make them feel good and my birthday is no big deal to me so its not like i want to do other better stuff on this day.
my daughter did paint me a brilliant picture - now that was awesome - I love real gifts that people actually spend time on rather than just go out and buy something for the sake of it.
Ill do my best to have a relaxing, low key birthday,

Never, Never, Never Give Up