Useing the wrong word in a cover letter

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01 Oct 2011, 4:36 pm

I just noticed a word that seems out of place in a rash of cover letters i recently sent out. I wrote "perpetration of documents" instead of "preparation of documents" on a sentence. I was so high strung on sending applications i totally missed this step.

Do you this error is enough for me not to get considered for a job? i don't think so seeing that it is just minor errors and what they really look at are my credentials. Il make a better effort of finding these out and not rely too much on spell check


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01 Oct 2011, 5:00 pm

It may get looked over or not.

It depends on the person perusing the cover letter, the type of job applied for, the other qualifications as written in your resume and the demand for the job (i.e. the number of other qualified applicants).

Sometimes, minor typos gets resumes disqualified as there are simply so many applicants - the human resource person or hiring manager needs a fast system to narrow down their choices for interviews.

Consider it a lesson learned and move on.

Always have a detail orientated family member, friend, acquaintance or employment center counselor double check your cover letter/resumes before sending them out.

Keep going though - this was only one batch of cover letters - send out some more to other employers. If you don't hear back within six months from the "bad batch" of cover letters - re-send a fresh one in six months (with the corrections made).