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04 Oct 2011, 8:34 pm

So I am already a senior and I will be graduating this year and lately I have shown to have some deep concerns with my schedule as of now. I am on a IEP for ASD and I have not taken a few classes for graduation. I did not take Foreign language, or Economics, or Algebra classes at all but everything else I did. I am nervous about these classes because I was in remedial math the whole time and for some reason Economics is not required for me to take but apparently it is required for everyone else's graduation but me. I don't seem to be taking it and when I am not taking the following classes I feel left out because everyone but me is taking them and I don't know why my IEP will not make me take them but I know a few people that are. When I talked to my case manager about if I can take Economics next semester he said that I don't need to take it but it causes me to concern because whenever I talk about my schedule with another student they looked at me shocked like the world has just ended. Since I don't seem to be taking these classes I was wondering can I make them up in a community college? Instead of taking Econ I am taking World of Work instead and I am still not taking any of the other two. Foreign language is only required if you want to go to a four year school and I may think about that but I only want to take it because everyone else in school is taking it but me. What should I do?

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07 Oct 2011, 7:48 pm

Anything you don't take in high school can be made up at community college. If you want to go to a 4 year school then one great option is to start at community college and then transfer. I think it would be better to do well in what you take then to take a bunch of things to fit in that you may not be able to do as well in. If you feel you could handle taking the foreign language then go ahead and take it. For the math you may be able to get through it with some tutoring. You can do anything you set your mind on!