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24 Sep 2006, 11:57 pm

I read all of the job posts and I have some observations
The guy who said "say as little as possible" was spot on. The guy who said "the interviewer isnt intrested in any opinions but his own" was also spot on . All humans are like that in fact so its important to pick up on anything they say that might clue you in to their real concerns. Adress that directly.
There is a strong tendency to try REAL HARD to sell yourself , maybe innapropriately. So try to stay very calm but not bored or distracted . Make eye contact. Use their name.
There are some job interviews where over-selling yourself is a very good thing. Lots of people like that sort of person -in sales, or theatre arts for example.
But generally if you give too much information people start feeling doubtful and insecure. A top class person will not feel insecure no matter what you say but they will instead size you up in about 2 minuites. he's they guy who has a definite person in mind. So the guy whose insecure is more easily persuaded by charm and your persuasive skills provided you do nothing to set off his/her inner doubts. Bosses are not rocket scientists . They make hireing mistakes and they do get flack for it . So likely they will play it safe and go for their personal comfort zone. I hate to tell you this but you have to read their faces to know how they are feeling . So the old adage keep it simple will be useful. definitely let them feel in control.By that I mean let them lead the topics and dont divert the talk .
Now if you really want a particular job and you feel that it was a good interview and they liked you by all means re-apply!! If they liked you but for some reason did not hire you they just might do so 6 weeks later when the bosses golf buddys kid cant do the job . So stay with it. GO BACK .
Dress. WOW! This is pure lunacy as 2 stories illustrate. I once had only a dressy blouse and a nice pair of trousers. So I wore them to an aluminum plant that made extruded products. I got out of my car and this redneck florida woman , about 48 said to me "Don't expect to go to work here wearing those kind of clothes". I was crushed because I dressed the best that I could. I didn't have any "NICE jeans!"
Another time I want to cook so I wore my chefs coat but when I got to this upscale restaurant the cooks were like a pack of pirates. ragged cut offs, tatoos , dreadlocks . So I realised that being a 5'2" 48 year old female I would *never* fit into that group consisting entirely of hung over slovenly men.
So that's what I mean by trying too hard. The best way to know what to wear is to do some preliminary eyeballing. I walk into the place and find out every little detail before I make the application. For example- what kind of shoes they wear. You dont want to look like you never have done any work at all. For example emaculate hands with manicure if your in food service. I showed up at the culinary school with my show biz manicure and the receptionist scolded me saying you cant.." So I said to her "I am not clocked in and I have a show this weekend" (I did)
You know your screwed if you go in and every last waitress is a blonde young and sexy. That boss has a stereotyped notion of food service, or an unending supply of blondes. Lots of men are restaurant managers just so they can hustle women. They Only Hire Women they think they have a chance with! In other words if they say to themselves . "Do I want to have sex with this one?"
I had this one boss from a hotel chain that came to my house to 'inspect my wardrobe' He just showed up at my house . He didn't get out of the car! I was about 21.
Anyway you have to really try to find people who will accept you pretty much as you are. If you are a familiar face to them they are more likely to consider you trusty. So come around and say hi. Do it often.
Today I asked a few hotels about jobs. This one guy was really nice right up to the point where he said he wanted to turn the entire Muslim world into nuclear glass. (The nicest people are psycho killers when they talk about Muslims- I've found)
The hotel owned by the foreigners down the street was a better risk for me. Being a Muslim I did not want to work for a libertarian, conservative, shamanistic, role playing son of a drug addict intent on turning the Mid -east into Nuclear Glass. Needless to say I took his enventory. I found out a lot about him. He did not take my inventory. Anybody who wants to commit genocide can't be my boss or my co-worker. So it's best to know what kind of folks you'll be dealing with because many people will hire you just so they can screw up your life. The reason they do this is because they are ashamed that they liked you. They are ashamed that anyone should know they hired a Muslim . So even though they may well have been your friend -even liked you they are afraid of what people will think about them. So they lie to cover up that hatred. Its exactly the same with mental disability in many cases. Their fear of being ostracised for haveing you as a friend, employee- a spouse -whatever the relationship will turn to betrayal. That's my experience . ( Purdah looks better every day). And mind you- this was a good day! Maybe i turned the genocidal guy into a friend, maybe not. I am also certain that similar stigma operates with mental disabilities becuse I have been there too. You can talk to people about predjudice, stigma, bias, hate but in the end they are likely to betray you anyway, in particular if you stick up for yourself when your being abused. This is a regular experience for me in academic institutions. So you can try manipulating peoples perceptions with appearances but they have a true self and so do you! Better to find out what that is sooner better than than later. So test them before you commit to a course of action.
As much bullying as I have experienced I must say that women are by far the worst bullies and careerist/feminists are very nasty. They feel like they need to punish women who convert to Islam. So denial of services is their game. They liberal authoritarian is every bit as nasty as the reactionary conservative. But if you ask me honestly I'd say men are far more likely to accept an aspie on the merits of their true ability. It's because they are not trying to do social control the way women are. And beleive it or not they might even accept you even if they had some disagreement with you about other things like your religion or class or ethnicity. They are in a strnger positon and can afford to be generous. They don't have a hidden aganda. It takes a thinking person to appreciate a thinking person.
3. types of jobs. Well not any with flourescent lights. Nor any with exhaust fans , lawn mowers, cafeteria rumble . I figure motel maid . -except there are those horrid vacume cleaners. I think the sensory input factor is a real biggie for me . It's got to be stone quiet for me to function. I wear ear plugs to the supermarket and that calms me down a lot. So these are real issues and I thing if you are aware of them then you can avoid trying to take jobs that will fail for you because your neural circuits cannot handle the racket.
Reasonable accomodation would be noise blockers headphones maybe.