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04 Nov 2011, 4:05 am


To be clear, I do not advocate the use of drugs of any kind (except when prescribed by a health care professional) by anyone, especially by neurologically sensitive people - such as myself and perhaps some others on this board. I'm just speaking of my own experience here, which was a long time ago and cannot be replicated by anyone, ever. "Results not typical".... (which is to say, YMMV. . .possibly by a lot . . . )

MrXxx wrote:
Uh. Just a few thoughts.

First of all, I've done a LOT of both mushrooms AND LSD, and neither of them ever had ANY affect on my ego, negative OR positive. Once the drugs wore off, my ego was right where it had always been. During the "trips" my ego was the last thing on my mind. All the trips ever did was remove my head from reality. Both mushrooms and LSD created an effect very much like taking a vacation to someplace like the land of OZ, with something similar to massive jet lag for a while afterward.

In the end, after quitting both, and all other hallucinogens, I was basically who I was before I started taking any of them. NO CHANGE.

Conclusion? None of them helped one iota.

That could be a result of your approach to it. Different people, different cultures, different approaches, different results.

Regarding this: "In the end, after quitting both, and all other hallucinogens, I was basically who I was before I started taking any of them. NO CHANGE."

Everything you do becomes part of you, in one way or another. Particularly things you ingest. It can't not. (I didn't come up with this one on my own.) :wink:

In the case of [for example] LSD ~ in my experience ~ each time it "wears off" it has actually left behind something of itself. Not literal traces of the drug in the person's system, because that goes away. . . I'm thinking it changes the way a person's neural pathways are utilized. Once a "door" has been "pried open", signals are able to find their way around the "cracks" (so to speak! Sorry about all the metaphors, for those not understanding them.) I'm not referring to "flashbacks" (as far as I know, those don't exist or are very rare. . . my friends would joke around about it.... "I don't know, I'm still waiting for my flashbacks") :lol:

Actually, it's not the kind of thing that can be put into words.

Some people are genetically / congenitally / environmentally more sensitive to the effects of each substance, some are less sensitive. We have all seen this, of course, in many other contexts.

MrXxx wrote:
As for the OP's connection between mercury, LSD and Autism?

Yeah well, how can I put this in a way that will get through?

Hallucinogenics cause the brain to "see" all kinds of "connections" between things that are NOT, in fact connected at all.

My advice to the OP is quit trying to come up with answers while tripping. It doesn't work.

Mercury in LCD screens affecting you just because you're watching the LCD? You've GOT to be kidding me. :roll:

I have no idea one way or the other about the mercury in LCD screens. I haven't tripped recently enough to have had any LCD screens around.

I do find a lot of emotion on this board when mercury is mentioned - I'll leave that musing to another thread, perhaps.

MrXxx wrote:
Get straight man. Hallucinogenics do NOT help you make sense out of anything. They do NOT help you see anything you can't otherwise see. All they do is cause your brains imagination centers to "whack out" and make you able to imagine all sorts of things that SEEM to make sense while on them, but in reality make no sense at all.

Well . . . that's one way to look at it.

So, hallucinogenics did not help you make sense out of anything; they did not help you see anything you couldn't otherwise see. They made your brain imagination centers whack out and when you came down, you didn't think it had made sense.

My experience, it seems, was opposite to yours (or nearly so). I learned a lot from acid & mushrooms. It's going on 20 years since I ingested any psychedelic substances, so I have long since come down, and I have had plenty of time to think it over. I'm not going to say that any of it "made sense" exactly, but that wasn't really the point. It was more about seeing connections that are there, but that our nervous systems have evolved to block out. In my opinion.

Other people have had some very profound experiences too. Some of them have written books about it, even. :wink:

As I think I mentioned before, though, it's not all to be taken literally. Some of it is symbolic. And some of it just takes a long time to play out.

MrXxx wrote:
Trying to make sense of your world by use of hallucinogenics makes about as much sense as trying to measure how much oil and water is in salad dressing by measuring it right after putting it in a blender.

Interesting comparison. Is it specific to this thread, or would you use the "oil and water in the blender" to illustrate any random thing that doesn't make sense to you?

Anyway, I don't know. Making sense of one's world isn't exactly a realistic goal for someone dabbling in psychedelics. It's the things that don't make sense that make life interesting, again, this is just my opinion.

OK KIDS I'll say it one more time, I'm not telling you to go out & do drugs. DO NOT try this at home. I'm serious. It's serious.

Although maybe not so much nowadays. Maybe it's just another party drug anymore. When I read stuff like this:

number2 wrote:
That stuff is hard to get if you get it you have to take 2 hits anything less then that you won't get high if it's your frist time. I've never done it before this is just what I have herd from people that actually done it.

That scares me. That shouldn't be the case, if it is true. In my experience, that is not true. Anyway, if everyone else is taking one dose, the person who's never tried it should take one as well. If by some chance it doesn't work for that person, and did for the others, after an hour or so maybe try another one, but no, don't take twice the dose just because it's your first time.

holocryptic wrote:
LSD is much less pure than it was in the 60s, if it is even LSD at all. It's inadvisable to obtain it through an unknown source. You can support groups like MAPS so that some day it will be possible to use it under the guidance of a professional.

That's what I think as well. Especially "It's inadvisable to obtain it through an unknown source." I can't emphasize this enough. The few cases of permanent or very long-term damage that I have seen were either caused by Ecstasy (a drug not to trust) or by something having gone wrong in the chemical process of making LSD. If you don't know its progeny, leave it alone.

ETA this article I just came across, about Steve Jobs ~ ... -his-life/